Chapter Awards



Won National Awards for Best Membership Program And Best Corporate Sponsorship Program
Received Awards For Greatest Net Membership Increase In Nation
Todd Holzer Received Award For Being Most Outstanding Volunteer In Nation


Won National Award For Best DL Committee In Nation
Best Periodic Publication For Dl Newsletter


Won National Award For Best Magazine Supplement


Nominated for Annual Publication – Bus Tour Guide and Supplement to the BZ journal & Membership Directory
Nominated for Community Service – Fundraising Event
Nominated for Volunteer of Year – Fred Stiles
Nominated for Chapter of the Year for 2008
Won Executive Director Capital Dome award for Public Affairs for 2008


Nominated for Annual Publication
Nominated for President – Fred Stiles
Won for Special Events – Comedy Night


Won for Legislative Affairs


Nominated for Education
Nominated for Legislative Affairs
 Nominated for Special Event
Won for Technology
Won Chapter of Year


Nominated for Membership


Nominated for Legislative Affairs
Nominated Craig Coppola for Pres of year


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Douglas Allred Company is a full service, real estate firm with projects in residential, commercial, industrial and retail sectors. We are a recognized leader in both real estate development and asset management.